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    Default bootdisk XP

    hi - pls tell me how to make an bootdisk in XP
    i believe this is the only way to fix an corrupted mbr
    from the dos prompt -- fdisk /mbr

    cos fdisk is not recognised by XP anymore it says

    i have plenty of W98 bootdisk but this is a different
    dos version and wont work

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    Default Re: bootdisk XP

    Have a look here

    Also you may want to edit your post and remove your email or you may get spammed.
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    Default Re: bootdisk XP

    you shouldn't post your email addy here, you'll get spammed to death
    use your XP CD it has all the commands necessary

    Boot from the windows XP CD, press the "R" key in the setup in order to start the restoration console. Select your windows XP installation from the list, and enter the administrator password.
    Enter the command: "FIXMBR" (without the quotes) at the input prompt and confirm the next question with a "Y" (without the quotes). Use exit to restore the computer.

    Taken from another forum because i was too lazy to type it myself
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