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    Default Re: Play lotto with Xtra helpdesk

    We've been with ihug here at work since they first started operating as an ISP.
    Don't remember ever having problems with the email server.

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    Default Re: Play lotto with Xtra helpdesk

    Because its easy.

    And because all ISP's have their issues.
    I know it's easy, but if I used Xtra for my email I would be outraged if SMTP was down for more than an hour. 18 hours just shows incompetence.

    Buying a domain name and a cheap hosting account would be a much better option for those who understand the basics of the internet. At least your host will refund your money or offer you a few months of additional hosting if uptime falls below their guarantee which is normally around 99% or higher. Can you imagine Xtra saying "oh, you couldn't send email for a whole day? Here, have a month of JetStream on us."

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