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    I just heard on the radio about a cruise ship that fought off a bunch of pirates with a sonic weapon. Does anyone have any info on this weapon? I've never heard of a "sonic weapon" before (except in sci fi).

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    According to todays Dom-Post the LRAD, longe range acoustic device was developed for the US military after the 2000 attack on the USS Cole off Yemen as a way to keep small boats away.
    It emits a narrow beam of high pitched tone which can be as loud as 150 db.

    I vaguely remember reading the Germans during WWII developing or playing with a similar device, a parabolic dish with a steam powered sound generator which emitted enormous acoustic power.
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Also known as an LRAD, the recently developed long range acoustic device is a crowd-control and combatant-deterrent sonic weapon developed by "American Technology Corp." of San Diego, California.

    The equipment weighs 45 pounds (25 kg) and can emit sound in a 15 to 30 beam from a device 33 inches (83 cm) in diameter. At maximum volume, it can emit a warning tone that is 151 dBSPL (1000 W/m) at 1 metre, a level that is very capable of permanently damaging hearing. The design range extends 300 to 500 metres. At 300 metres, the warning tone is 105 dB. The warning tone is a high-pitched shrill tone similar to that of a smoke detector, only somewhat louder.

    See more here
    ... the non-weapon use listed is 'interesting'!

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    This might interest you: The secrets of sonic weapons.

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