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    Default backup win2000 to migrate to xp

    My nephew in the states has a win2000 professional machine that has become unstable doe to virus and worm infections.

    he has an xp upgrade disk and my sugeston to him is to buy a new hard drive (his is only 20 gig) and do a fresh XP installation to this new drive
    and then copy his 2000 data files to his new installation

    he needs to copy his My documents and his outlook express emails and address book to a cd and then copy to his new XP installation

    what (free if possible) program would you suggest he use

    TIA Bryan

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    Default Re: backup win2000 to migrate to xp

    If he is going to buy a new HDD then no need to backup data on old HDD.
    Easiest way to get data into XP would be to remove old HDD and install new one.
    Get XP installed and setup and antivirus installed and up-to-date.
    Then put old HDD in as a second drive, set as slave if need be.
    Then he could just copy over whatever he needs to the new HDD.

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    Default Re: backup win2000 to migrate to xp

    but how does he copy his Outlook express email files over

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    Default Re: backup win2000 to migrate to xp

    Use import in OE in XP or use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

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