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    Default Poor man's WIFI...?

    I understand that to set up a wireless network at home I need a computer equipped with an access point, and for the other computers to have a wifi adapter of some sort.
    I was wondering if it's possible to set it up without an access point. Can 2 computers with wifi adapters 'talk' to each other directly? Or do they need to go though an access point?
    I have an adsl router, and I was wondering if one of the computers on that network had a wifi adapter, could another computer then access the network if it too had a wifi adapter? (Typically the laptop in the bedroom at the far end of the house, out of reach of cabling.)

    (I'm trying to save the expense of $120 or whatever for an access point...)

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    Default Re: Poor man's WIFI...?

    WiFi works in one of two modes.

    "Ad Hoc" connects two computers, without any Access point. "Infrastructure" requires an Access Point, and can have more than two hosts active at once.

    Get two adapters, and two computers can link. You should be able to use ICS, if one of them has an Internet link.

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    Default Re: Poor man's WIFI...?

    There are also some USB 2 WLANS that can operate as a station, and an access point.

    This saves u the trouble, of buying a separate access point.

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