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    Default belkin wireless router

    Not a tech question so it's in chat
    Reading this mornings dom post I saw Harvey Normans had a sale on So i brought myself the named router in the title for hamsome sum of $88, supposed to be $174 usually, so i think i got myself a bargain, they also had dual layer dvd burners for the same price, but i didnt reconise the brand so its still at the shop.
    Not such the bargain I thought it was but still the first one under the $100 mark which i am happy about
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    Default Re: belkin wireless router

    If it's anything like the Belkin router I tested not long ago the gloss will very soon wear off.
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    Default Re: belkin wireless router

    I got a Belkin modem from HN last xmas .Just over $200. A week later they were on sale at $100.
    I went in and called them a pack of theives.
    It worked OK in fits and starts. Then it started dropping the connection.And I had problems getting it to re-connect.
    I then bought a cheap and nasty DSE usb modem for $76.
    It works perfectly never had a problem with it.

    My only headache is of course that it is powered from the usb so it doesn't boot until the comp has finished booting. Another 50 seconds on top of comp boot time.
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    Default Re: belkin wireless router

    I have used one for last 3 or 4 months. Works well. HN charged me around $90 for mine.

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