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    Default Asus p3bf motherboard

    i hav a asus p3bf motherboard (yes very flash!) i am really stuck as to how to get it working.
    I want to know how to plug the switches from the pc power button, and i cant find a manual anywhere. Asus website i cant find one there either. its a PIII 450mHz and i would like to use the pc as a music and internet server.

    i dont understand why none of the fans i plug in work. using ATX PSUs. in my anger i pulled out the switches and dont know where they go. if i can plug the on switch in can i touch the two blue and white wires 2gether to make it power up?

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    Default Re: Asus p3bf motherboard

    Here's the manual

    The BIOS flash program (Aflash)

    And the last BIOS update

    Or go here

    Type in P3B-f where input model to search appears.

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