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    Default Problems Loading the Game "The Sims"

    Hi Guy's
    We are having problems loading the game The Sims on my mates computer.
    When we go to install it we get the following
    Header :- 16bit Windows Subsystem
    Message :-
    The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Chose "Close" to teminate the application.
    It has 2 buttons underneath this message 1 is Close and 2 is Ignore.
    We click on the ignore side of it and nothing happens - The game just sits at the install stage of the game.
    Computer Facts:-
    AMD 1200 running, 256mb Ram, 8mb onboard Video, Onboard sound and directX lastest version.
    Operating system is Windows XP Home edition.
    Have tried to get it to do something using the programme compatability wizard but alas Nothing.
    We have tried using it directly of the cd and copying all the files to its own directory.
    Any help that you can give will be very much appreciatted.

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    Default Re: Problems Loading the Game "The Sims"

    is this the DVD version of the sims?

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    Default Re: Problems Loading the Game "The Sims"

    This might help you.

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    Default Re: Problems Loading the Game "The Sims"

    As far as we are aware it is a cd version,

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