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    Default buying a lap top and digi cam

    Hi, can anyone help me please. I want to buy a lap top or desk top to do word processing, some publishing and a fair amount of graphics work, (digitally altering photos etc. )
    I'm not into fancy and it needs to be cheap but workable. What are the specs (minimum) I should be looking for and does anyone know of any good deals?

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    Default Re: buying a lap top and digi cam

    something centrino based, at least 512mb ram, intergrated graphics will suit you,

    and for the digi cam, maybe a 4mp?

    what is your budget for each?

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    Default Re: buying a lap top and digi cam

    Depends on the mutimedia apps you are expecting to work with. If you are expecting to work with Photoshop or the like (like the excellent and free GIMP), then a Windows XP machine would need around a 500MHz chip and 128MB ram at the very least. I use GIMP and it works perfectly well on my 350MHz/128MB machine, but it does not run Windows.

    A USB port or two (USB1 or USB2 isn't going to be an incredibly important issue) for a digital camera is going to be necessary.

    If you are going to edit videos that you need a much faster machine with mre memory.

    You probably don't need new, and you can check out,, auctions, the NZHerald or Trade and Exchange for deals. If you want new, Metla, pctek or one of the other builders may advise.
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    Default Re: buying a lap top and digi cam

    If you want exect reproduction on the computer.
    2.0 Ghz cpu, 512MB Ram or 1GB
    Any HDD...
    Any video cards.
    Mobo pref the faster FSB

    Inkjet photo printer.
    Monitor calibrator to calibrate and get the color shifts off your screen. So your screen is accurate. Get printer calibrated too for about $50US. Monitor calibrator $100US or a printer/monitor calibrator $800US yeah maybe you wanna get the printer profiles but by all means try the bundled printer icc fiiles first and see how gd they are. montor is a must thou if you plan to print or use a lab to print who provides you customised icc printer files.

    IMO 600Mhz as I have now is not fast enof on windows and photoshop running. I would say at least 1Ghz if you want a used PC but even thou the 2.0 Ghz Amd is not bad... I would prob get a AMD 64 3.0 Ghz cpu for that, bang for buck. Esp if you wanna use RAW format and photoshop that afterwards or plan to do auto batch loading for editing ... or noise reduction softwares.
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