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    Default Sound Quality with sound card

    For several years I have been using my comp. as the home stereo system by playing my CD s thro the computer speakers (Nicole SD969) and using the computers motherboard onboard sound. I thought it sounded quite good but my wife (who I do not think has been subjected to the same industrial noise problems as me ) thinks the system could be upgraded, My question... Do I need a separate sound card or if I just upgrade my speakers would I get an acceptable improvement. I have been looking at Logitech speakers.

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    Default Re: Sound Quality with sound card

    All depends on what you want to do. If you want to use surround sound, then yes, upgrade the sound card.
    The best results however, come from true stereo or home theatre speakers not the small PC or PC surround speakers.

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    Talking Re: Sound Quality with sound card

    Assuming that all you want is stereo, it is unlikely that the sound card is going to be the weakest link.

    I run flaptop through a 5,600watt concert sound system using XMMS as the player of .ogg's and .mp3's on the HDD. I found CD players were too bulky, susceptable to skipping when vibrated with strong bass, and of course they were also susceptable to punters wanting to play there own awful tasteless CDs with more scratches on them than on my truck! There's nothing flash about flaptop, and i do mean NOTHING flash.

    Do i have to say the set up sounds great?

    The weakest link in any system is allmost allways the speakers.

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    Default Re: Sound Quality with sound card

    It really depends how much you are willing to spend and how much time you spend listening music or watching movies on your computer. Since i spend too much time, i;ve bought myself a 5.1 system and am getting a new soundcard. However, you could settle for a 2.1 system or 4.1 if your not that fussed. When looking for systems, look for RMS not PMPO. Trademe has got a few speakers these days. Have a look.

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