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    Lightbulb Compatibility

    Hi there I have had a couple threads in here so far about my Radeon 7000 graphic card I have had some trouble with the display with it recently....I have been looking over alot of web pages about this card and my system.

    I was just wondering it is a old card but it supports microsoft direct 7.0 and also 8.0.

    My question is if I use a old catylist with my card and a newer version of the direct x would this cause me trouble ...or should I just down load one of the old ones and see if my display is better.

    Also I really need to know how to check the power supply running to the graphic card slot there away to change power from one systemto another????

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    This is getting very confusing with all your posts you are starting on the same problem involving your graphic card. Just for other people's reference, here are the other posts with duplicate questions:


    It makes it easier for people to help you if you keep all related posts together so they can see what the orginal problem is, and what has been suggested and tried so far.

    To answer this question, what version of DirectX do you currently have installed? You cannot uninstall DirectX9+ easily so that you can use an older version. You have already tried an older catalyst driver before and said it made no difference as well.

    Something you haven't answered yet, is why this graphic showed the same fault in two different computers? I asked in another thread were they the same model computer when you asked about updating the chipset driver. Do they also have the same OS, graphic card driver and DirectX?

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    lol have to agree with Jen, your multi thread thing you have going makes things a little hard.

    1. You cannont really test the power going to your AGP Slot. You can however get a rough idea of your system power status by checking the hardware monitor wich may be in your bios (some boards dont have this feature). ie the 5V rail should be between 4.8-5.3 Volts for example.

    2. How do you know its not a monitor fault? It possible the game is changeing the refresh or resolution rates into something your monitor is haveing problems with.

    Skim reading your posts, I would say its more likely a monitor issue. If you have a freind with a monitor, borrow it and eliminate yours, you need to know at least which ball park your playing in. Video cards don't usually have "fadeing out" issues with just one game. I have seen many monitors with problems with 1 resolution or 1 refresh rate, seems more likely.

    Was the 2 computers the card was tested in using the same monitor?
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