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    Question Tabbing in Excel Form

    I'm using Excel 2000. I have created a form in MS Excel for user input. I have unlocked the cells I want the users to input into, then protected the sheet. When the user presses the tab key the focus changes to the next unlocked cell. How do I change the order in which the tab key takes the user from cell to cell?

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    Default Re: Tabbing in Excel Form

    Hi, when you say "form" your meaning just some data in a sheet not a VBA Userform correct?

    In the case of tabbing in a sheet, the direction is by default left to right then down. If you want to change the order then you would have to re-arrange the data on the sheet so it meets your requirements. However, it could be done with code but seems over-the-top when you could easily amend the sheet.

    You can amend the direction after you press the enter key by amending the options under Tools|Options|Edit tab then changing the move selection after enter option. However, this will move to both protected and non-protected cells alike.

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