I have just installed an ethernet card into my P166 running windows 95. I followed all instructions in the manual that came with it until it told me to access the Network Neighbourhood from the desktop or through explorer. This was not possible because this icon does not exist on my desktop.
It is possible that it has been disabled sometime over the years with an advanced configuration program that has long since been deleted. Is there any way to enable the network neighbourhood, because without it there seems to be no other way to network my computers. The computer does not even seem to realise that it is on a network, even though the computer at the other end is having no trouble, except it cannot detect my P166 machine.
I have found that I cannot map a network drive or printer, or connect to the internet through the lan no matter how hard I try. (both computers are in the same workgroup and have the same protocols (both tcp/ip and ipx) installed). Any ideas.