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Hmm I have the same mobo (non-deluxe).

Which version of the mobo have u got? Non deluxe or deluxe?

Umm any reason why you have to run in RAID 0?? Coz if one dies, the other dies too.

And I take it both the hdds are the same brand/size etc?

Is it set to compatibilty mode or enhanced mode in the BIOS?

What version of windows is installed??

If enhanced mode, whats this on? P-ATA+S-ATA? P-ATA? S-ATA?

I have the standard version of the motherboard and are using bios 1019. Raid 0 was a cheap way to get a large hard drive a few years ago... and the failure rate is so low these days its worth the risk.

Both hdds are the same. Using XP. The bios doesn't tell me much about the raid config.

Also - apart from a mouse, no other usb things plugged in.