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    I have a dvd that has the 5CD version of suse linux 9.3 professional on it

    Now i dont't have a dvd drive on my desktop but my laptop does, i understand i will have to burn at least the first disc of the suse set, but is there a way I can perhaps copy the isos for the other discs to another partition of the desktop hardrive and tell the install to look there for them,
    or is it just easier to burn all 5 Cds

    Hopefully my explanation isn't too confusing

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    The short answer is "No". You expected that, didn't you? To handle .iso images, you need to have an operating system installed and running a suitable programme. The Linux installer is running under a version of Linux, but it's such a tricky thing that I doubt if there will ever be that capability.

    But there are other ways. You can set up an FTP server on your laptop and have it serve the DVD to the Linux installer. It will happily accept that. Only consider this if you have Ethernet capability on both machines. A serial port would not be easy to set up, and life is too short. You can make a partition (preferably FAT) on the desktop, and copy the files (in the directory structure, not all in one enormous directory) from the laptop through your Ethernet cable (using the Windows "Network Neighbourhood", or similar). There may be a version of the file structure on the DVD which is set up to be copied in one place for installing from hard disk. Explore the help files on the DVD, because that's one very common way of installing. (Usually for a network install).

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