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    Default SUSE middle click pastes

    How can I stop middle click from pasting in SUSE 9.1? it gets really annoying when I'm browsing the net, then middle click & it tries to go to whatever I had in the clipboard at the time.

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    Default Re: SUSE middle click pastes

    Actually, it'll only paste whatever text you had last selected/highlighted (Or should). Its seperate from the clipboard (All distros Ive used it has been, dunno if SuSE is different).

    AFAIK you can disable it by editing /etc/X/xorg.conf but I cant say which part
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    Default Re: SUSE middle click pastes

    Is this with Firefox? Do you have the Tabbrowser preferences extension installed? One of its options is to load the URL from the clip board on a middle click. Check to see if this has been selected if you do.

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