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    Exclamation W32.Netsky.C In Pagefile.sys

    My other XP computer started acting up, taking ages to load windows and do anything, also norton kept having errors and then would automatically quit.

    I put the harddrive into this computer, scanned and it found one virus, W32.Netsky.C in pagefile.sys, which norton then quarantined, (and then I had to restore it back again because windows doesn't start when pagefile.sys doesn't exist) so I have no idea how to get rid of the virus, as when running the netskyfix tool from norton on the other computer it says that it's not there, when it definently is.
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    Default Re: W32.Netsky.C In Pagefile.sys

    Have you cleared out all the temp and temp internet files and disabled system restore prior to scanning with the AV?

    If the virus is supposed to be in the page file, clearing out the above should remove it but if not you could try disabling the page file before doing the AV scan. Never heard of anyone having to do so however.

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    Default Re: W32.Netsky.C In Pagefile.sys

    there is an optoin (somewhere) to clear the pagefile on shut down. that should clear it.

    i'm suprised your pc wouldn't run without it, unless you have very minimal ram. in which case simply boot into safe mode and turn it backon.
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    Default Re: W32.Netsky.C In Pagefile.sys

    Get this

    This should remove it.

    Or this removal tool from Symantec

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    Default Re: W32.Netsky.C In Pagefile.sys

    Your Pagefile is your SWAP file.

    Tell windows you dont want to have one, then reboot.

    Reboot into Safe Mode if it still exists, then Delete the sucker

    Only way you'll likely be able to remove it
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