I have a folder called Windows?Temporary Internet Files under Windows 98, same as everyone else I presume. But this has 4 sub-folders named
? 8tmrs9m9
? C78rpsl1
? Qhnvmkcv
? Ulkpqbmd

All 5 folders appear to have exactly the same files stored in them.

Could you please explain what is happening here with IE4, such as:
? Why are there 4 sub-folders;
? Do the names of the 4 sub-folders signify any meaning;
? Some of the files are cookies, even though there is a Windows?Cookies folder
? I have no idea of the provenance of the files: where do they come from and what decides what will be delivered to my HDD;
? I downloaded (deliberately) a file from a site in Scotland and it appeared in all 5 folders.

I deleted everything from all 5 folders at one stage and noticed no problems.