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    Is it just me or is the forum/server time out by 1 hour 10 minutes?
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    Times out????? Na, it must just be you!

    Seriously, its been out since it came back after falling over on Friday. Whatever happened to network time servers?
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    What's next? We might be having Sunday tomorrow!

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    Whoa! There has be a timewarp backwards and PF1 now is on time again!

    Just confused the heck out of me in a thread I posted in. I was scratching my head trying to work out why my post ended up in the middle of the thread instead of at the end (using Linear mode). The new timestamp meant my post was earlier now than those that had posted one hour in the future.

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    Yay, 'tis fixed - and the time is now spot on!!

    It looked funny how some posts were an hour ahead of the others though... and for a while I thought it looked like we couldn't post anything for an hour until it caught up but it seems to be working now.

    Darn it... I was rather enjoying being in sunny warm New Caledonia.

    Thanks guys.

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