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    Default CD-R Music Disc's have a lot of static

    I find that my CD-R music, (Duplicated on my PC) when played through my Home Theatre Cd Player & Receiver, has a lot of static over the music. It sounds perfect in my the CD player on my PC & in the CD player in my car though. The original CD's play perfectly in my Home Theatre set up.
    Can anyone enlighten me as to what the problem would be??

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    Default Re: CD-R Music Disc's have a lot of static

    maybe your home theatre isnt CD-R "friendly"?
    have you tried writing them at slower speeds?
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    Default Re: CD-R Music Disc's have a lot of static

    I think it might have something to do with the cd player in your home theatre system not being up to scratch. I copied some of my music CDs for a friend on my $900 cd player in my stereo system they played perfectly but on my friends $600 Panasonic mini stereo they sound staticly like yours.


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