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    Exclamation Computer randomly restarts

    My computer just randomly freezes up and i'm forced to restart.Its a pentium 4 3.2ghz running windows xp prof.. not even a year old yet.Sometimes it freezes and then it beeps, sometimes it just freezes and other times it just simply restarts. I wiped everything off my computer and reinstalled windows xp to see if it was some software that was giving me the problems but its still the same now.I'm thinking its a hardware related problem.. If anyone could help me i would apreciate it..

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    Default Re: Computer randomly restarts

    If its under a year its still under warranty? Take it back.
    The beeps indicate the problem, what BIOS does it have? How many beeps? Variable pitch on the beeps or the same tone?
    What are the specs of the PC?

    Most beeps indicate a problem with ram or graphics, check they are seated correctly...

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