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    Default Closed Caption on PC

    I am looking for a TV Card which enable me to view Closed Caption TV program on PC. Also I would like to record onto Hard Drive and view it at later date. Which is the best TV Card for this function?

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    Default Re: Closed Caption on PC

    As far as I know the Leaktek TV2000XP Expert will allow viewing of captions but you will have to wait for confirmation from Speedy or Metla as they have that card.

    As for recording onto the hard drive, someone else posted a thread on this subject not so long ago. If I can remember who it was I'll try and find it, otherwise a search on the forum might turn it up. It has been mentioned a couple of times now, I think.

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    Default Re: Closed Caption on PC

    I use the Leadtek Deluxe in this, and have the Expert, but the Expert isnt installed at the mo. Both also have teletext, and a remote.

    Not too sure about captions, (cant say I've actually tried it).

    BUT the leadtek program you use for these tuners, will let u record to the hdd, or directly to a DVD. (Except sky that is).

    You can also record from an external device/source (VCR, video cam), with the Deluxe. And the Expert (I think), but havent actually tried it with the Expert yet to find out.

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