Can anyone in the forum tell me where I can go to get a step by step setup for installing a VPN connection, using 2 x PC's running XP Pro, one with dsl and the other with dailup. I'm using a Dlink modem either, 302G or 504G for dsl. I've got 100's of pages of how to do it, but I'm missing something. It don't work
Reading most of the data available it's supposed to be simple. I've done things like dropping my firewalls complelety, opening all ports, fixed IP, random IP, the lot, but no luck. I've set up both PC's using installed windows software setting up server and remote applications. I've had info from friends how they have done it (its all the same), but still no luck. Modems have be set up from info from Dlink with regards to NAT and DMZ. I'm sure I've got a box ticked(or not) somewhere.
Any help is apprecaited