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Thread: XP back to 98

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    Red face XP back to 98

    How do I remove XP from a computer and repalce it with 98 SP2?

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    98 doesnt have SP2. Well it didnt have a SP1 either.

    You'll have to reformat and reinstall 98.

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    Default Re: XP back to 98

    FAQ#46 tells how to install Windows 98SE:
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    Erm, Why would you want to anyway? unless your computer isnt powerfull enough for it.

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    There was a service pack 1 (SP1) release for Windows 98 a long time ago, but so far as I am aware there was never a SP2 release for Windows 98.

    In case you are really meaning Windows 98 Second Edition, there was no service pack releases for Windows 98 SE whatsoever that I am aware of. There were several Critical Updates though and to that end a number of websites ripped off someone elses attempt to provide a service to those using Windows 98 Second Edition. This person created a self extracting file containing all of the security updates released by Microsoft for Win 98 SE, and included a few other tidbits such as driver releases as well. You can find this package online using any search engine and entering the catch phrase of the time "Unofficial Windows 98 SE Serice Pack 2 Final" but personally I'd rather get the free CD Microsoft mail out to those wanting these updates rather than risk getting a corrupted or infected package off of one of many of those sites offering this service.

    As far as removing Windows XP goes so that you can reinstall Windows 98 I'd recommend you read Microsoft's answer to this question:

    How to manually remove Windows XP and then restore Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Millennium Edition

    One thing you will need to do before formatting the hard drive is ascertain whether or not your hard drive is formatted with NTFS or FAT32 partition(s). You can do that by Double clicking your My Computer icon located on your Desktop and then Right clicking on your C drive and selecting Properties. Now Look for the "File system" entry.

    Ok enough said given the real answer to your question is best given via Microsoft's website link given above.



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    There is an SP1 for IE6 on my Win98SE. I also have a spare MS update disk, the mail out disk, PM me, lulman if you are in NZ. There are still plenty of updates to do even after you load the disk I think it was valid up until Aug last year but it could be before that.
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    There is an unofficial SP2 for Win 98SE that I use all the time
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