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    The problem of using YAST to install a downloaded rpm is that you would need to change/add the location for the rpm. Probably the easier option would be to cd to the location of the unzipped rpm, su to root and then rpm -ivh and this should install it in the correct location for your system.

    Good luck

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    Oh yes thank you si

    Well i have now obtained a lucent winmodem (no expensive drivers) found the rpm installers and installed them, i culd only get the kernel 2.4 vers installin tho which do not really work with kernel 2.6. 2.6 installs (well says it does) but does seem to do much. i am now tryin to install the tar.gz ones but i can not seem to untar them threw konsole in root into var/usr/packages (somethign to that accord) using tar jxf /windows/temp/lin/ltmodem-2.6-alk-4.tar.bz2 it sometimes finds it other times says i need a command, i try -x i just cannot seem to get it to go.
    i shall keep trying tho...
    (sorry for being dumb if i am)

    thank you

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