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    Default PSU and mobos with 12v connector

    Will a mobo with an additional 12v connection run at all if the PSU does not have the 12v connector? And if it does run, I assume there will be stability problems because of the lack of power?

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    Default Re: PSU and mobos with 12v connector

    If u mean the 4 pin ATX 12v connection for the CPU, the power supply SHOULD have something to plug into it.

    You will have probs, as the connection on the mobo, is there to give the CPU more power/juice.

    On some systems, if u dont put the 4 pin 12v connection (from the power supply), into the mobo connection, the system wont boot.

    Altho, some systems also have the normal molex connection on the mobo which will do the same thing.
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    Default Re: PSU and mobos with 12v connector

    If your powersupply doesn't have the P4/AMD square 12v plug that fits into those motherboards, I believe you can buy a plug which will convert a regular 4 pin 12v molex into a 4 pin square plug.

    Most modern PSU's will have the extra power connector already. What is the PSU you are using rated for? If you are using an older PSU in a modern computer it may not meet the power requirements.

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