back again on the topic of my unfortuate geforce 6600GT and surprisingly a force feedback steering wheel....

Just bought a MS Sidewinder FF wheel (gameport edition) and had it going quite well with NFSUG.

I was playing along nicely with no problems at all when suddenly most of the textures dissapeared, and the computer proceeded to die in a very unprofessional fashion (somehow ended up with nothing except a flashing cursor, like what you get in DOS.

So I disconnected the wheel, rebooted and everything seemed OK.

Later on I tried NFSUG again, with the wheel - just got into the menu where you select your car... *Bingo* lots of lovely red dots on the screen and hardly any menu left..

Tried mininmising, the screen turned off, then came back on with BSOD saying nv4_disp (or one of the nv4_xxx) and saying the driver got stuck in an endless loop, probably due to bad hardware.

I restarted at that point, and was greeted with a completely screwed video bios screen (random characters everywhere) then onto the standard post with all text and images OK, but red dotted lines down the screen, then when the XP boot menu appeared, more scrambled characters, and finally the red lines changed to green while booting.

Then the screen turned off and It wouldn't come back on.

Seems like the steering wheel did something my computer really didn't like... :@@: