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    Hi, all. Do u really need a Power supply that "compatible with Intel P4 478pin, 775pin & AMD Athlon or later CPU" or "LGA775 ready" to use for Socket 775 motherboard like ASUS P5AD2-E. Can I just use old PSU with 500 W and the 20 to 24 pin adaptor.


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    Yes, an adaptor will work fine. The adaptors were developed for that very reason - so that you don't have to chuck away your old 20pin psu - I use a 24pin adaptor setup myself.

    You do however, need the 4 pin Intel connector for best results. Although you can operate without the 4pin plug it is very risky to do so.

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    You don't even need the adapter. I have a 20pin PSU in my 24pin board without using one. (Just make sure its plugged in the right end, hehe)
    I have also put a 24pin PSU into a 20 pin board without an adapter too. Likewise, the right ends and its fine.

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