I wrote the other day about problems running the new Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator on my Pentium 133. I found it has a very choppy playback with the on screen frame rate as low as 2-3 frames per second sometimes. Microsoft says that you need a frame rate of 10-15 frames per second for a smooth game. The only way to improve the frame rate is to reduce the graphics detail which brings the frame rate up to about 7 frames per second max.
I'm confused - what is the best way to improve the frame rate on this and other games and at the same time future-proof the PC for another year or two. I thought a CPU upgrade would be the best bet but the more I read about 3Dfx cards like the Voodoo in PC World etc makes me wonder if one of these is better bet. If I got a Voodoo card or similar is a Pentium 133 still going to have sufficient grunt or am I better off doing both?

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Darryl Lennane