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    Default Bluetooth Mouse problems

    if anybody could let me know here a solution to making my $300 Microsoft bluetooth keyboard and mouse work better it would be greatly appreciated! First of all the MOUSE is so damn slow....ive got it on the fastest tracking settings and compared to my last one its very very slow and i have triple monitors so as u can understand it gets pretty annoying going from screen to screen. & secondly, the mouse surface is a bit strange, like the mouse moves from side to side like the bottom of it is un-even.
    Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Bluetooth Mouse problems

    Can't help you with bluetooth, but I have never seen a cordless mouse,keyboard, or joystick that worked properly. And I've tried several.
    My advice: Dump your $300 toy and get conventional USB.Or even PS2.
    Jack GOF.

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    Default Re: Bluetooth Mouse problems

    Yeah, the thing is, my last wireless keyboard and mouse was only $80 for an "A4TECH" one normally considered as a cheaper brand but it worked so much better compared to the bluetooth one with is $300!!!! Which makes me annoyed

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