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    this is my first time installing windows so please bear with me. I'm trying to install windowsxp but I keep on getting error 7. What is it? and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance

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    Sorry to give a non-solution answer, but we really do need more information about this so-called "error 7".

    Give some details about what the error actually says.

    You don't just get a box saying "Error 7 occurred."

    Cheers George
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    From Google and maybe not relevant:

    Run-Time Error 7: Out of Memory
    This error can happens if one of the Form Viewer components are not registered

    from here:
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    The first thing I would try is test your ram, goldmem or mem86 will do this for you google them mem86 is a easy google search but goldmem (better of the two in my opinon) takes a bit of searching
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    At what point of the installation is the error occuring? Is a particular file trying to laod? Can you boot to the Windows CD? The reason more specifics are required is that many components will use an error code with the same number, bur they're not necessarilly related.

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