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    Default remove or disable IE

    hi,ive installed firefox and i want to either disable or delete IE. help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

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    Default Re: remove or disable IE

    You can't completely remove IE but you can free it up a bit.

    For WinXP:

    Go into Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs on the left hand side tabs select Windows Components, then try to find where IE is and uncheck it and that's it. You may not need the CD if it asks for it, just click OK, but have it handy just incase it doesn't want to continue without the CD.



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    Default Re: remove or disable IE

    depends on OS a bit here.
    there are a few tools which enable you to completely remove IE. however what you need to remeber is you will need IE forwindows updates and a fair few programs require IE to be installed before they will install (which really sucks, after all they very rarlyy have anything to do with IE).

    best bit might be to just lock it up tight as possible and don't let it through the firewall.
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    Default Re: remove or disable IE

    Search my username if you want, as Ive written a quick Howto on how to replace it and Outlook with Firefox/Thunderbird May be of some use....
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