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    Default Microsoft Security Patches Issued to US Government a Month Before General Public

    This article reports that Microsoft will issue patches for serious security vulnerabilities to the US Airforce up to a month before releasing them to the general public. Yes, that's right. Microsoft will deliberately withold the patches from the general public for up to a month.

    The reasoning is lost on me, as I expect black hats will not be attacking the US Airforce a month before attacking everyone else. It doesn't make sense either if you think that Microsoft is using this as a tactic to stop a US agency from going to open source, because it wouldn't matter to the US Airforce whether they receive the patches before or at the same time as anyone else, just as long as they receive it ASAP. It only seems to make sense if you imagine that the US Airforce is paying extra for it.

    I have always believed that when Microsoft bought out Giant, they would use security as their next cash cow. Instead of spending resources on improving security in Windows, Microsoft will instead sell you security separately. They then have two incomes - Windows, and separate security products for Windows - instead of making Windows secure in the first place.
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    Default Re: Microsoft Security Patches Issued to US Government a Month Before General Public

    Lucky you a Linux man and not affected.
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