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    Default Camcorder & Windows XP SP2

    My computer cannot detect my camcorder when Windows XP SP2 is installed. Previously, I had no problems with my PC and video editing software detecting my camcorder with Windows XP SP1 installed.

    For the record, I have a Sony DCR-TRV320E PAL Digital 8 camcorder. I had to uninstall SP2 and get back into the SP1 environment for my camcorder to be detected. Does anyone know if either Microsoft or Sony have released a fix for this problem? I understand that certain brands and models of camcorders are affected by Windows XP SP2.

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    Default Re: Camcorder & Windows XP SP2

    How does this camera connect? USB?? or firewire??

    After you install SP2, go to device manager and go to the USB entries delete and reboot.

    Then see if the USB ports work (If this is a USB cam). Sometimes, you have to do this, so USB works. After u install SP1 or 2.

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    Default Re: Camcorder & Windows XP SP2

    The camcorder uses Firewire to connect. I have a 3-port Firewall card installed.

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    Default Re: Camcorder & Windows XP SP2

    Hmm ok. I use a firewire cam here, but a Panasonic.

    Go into My network places, click on the firewire icon (1394 connection/properties).

    Under the last entry TCP/IP is it on the first option (obtain an IP automatically).

    Some firewire cards appear as a network card. And kind of get confused, and mixed up with a network card. On the odd occasion, u have to disable the NIC, so the firewire works.

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