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    Default D-Link DSL-302G & VPN Connections

    Hi all,

    I'm having trouble which I believe is with the D-Link DSL-302G. The PC involved is running Windows 2000 Pro SP4. We are trying to connect via PPTP VPN to a Windows 2000 Server. The VPN connects OK, and the VPN connection is assigned an IP address by the remote server. However no traffic (no pings or anything - primarily we want TS on port 3389) are able to pass through the connection. A dozen other users at other sites are able to connect to the VPN and access it fine. My first question would be does anyone know whether the 302G properly supports this sort of VPN connectivity?

    The PC has no security programs on it - it has Microsoft's Antispyware and AVG. It used to have ZoneAlarm on it but that was removed several months ago.

    I'm hoping one of you bright sparks here will be able to help


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    Default Re: D-Link DSL-302G & VPN Connections

    For all the ADSL routers I have seen, if you are making the connection out to the internet then you don't need to open any ports etc on the router.
    The site you are connecting to would have firewall/port forwarding etc set up to allow VPN connections.
    What happens when you are connected to the VPN and you run a tracert on one of the PC ip addresses you are trying to ping?

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    Default Re: D-Link DSL-302G & VPN Connections

    Tried disabling your firewall yet?

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    Default Re: D-Link DSL-302G & VPN Connections

    If i try tracert to the server's IP that the PC is trying to connect to, I get request timed out, and vice versa tracert from the server to the remote PC. Same with pinging. Also there is no software firewall on either machine.

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