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    Default is my monitor dying?

    I have a 6 ish yr old Viewsonic monitor which has developed the following problem- loss of contrast, ie looks washed out and sort of too bright, but the colours remain true albeit less saturated. all settings are as per normal; factory reset doesn't fix it and wiggling cable ends does nothing. is it just dying? any suggestions? video card or monitor? cheers

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    Default Re: is my monitor dying?

    At that age it is a fair bet that it is dying, and it certainly isn't worth spending money or wasting too much time to sort out what is what.

    I suggest that you either try another monitor on your computer, or take your monitor to somebody else's computer and see if the problem repeats itself. If your monitor is OK on another computer, or a different monitor is OK on your computer, that's your answer: Beg, borrow, buy a new monitor.

    However, if your monitor works ok on another computer then look to video card or video driver problems.


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    Default Re: is my monitor dying?

    Tried going into factory mode (hold down buttons 1 and 2) and adjusting the subcontrast from there?

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