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    Default Win Xp Home user account problems

    I have recently bought an Acer latop from Dick Smith (running Win XP home with sp2), my wife and I are both wanting to use it for various things... ie wordprocessing, internet, dvd watching etc.

    I created two win xp accounts that both have administative rights for both my wife and I, however when I have installed some software, the program I have installed only appears in the account that I have installed it with and yet other programs appear in both.

    This has happened with Openoffice, Trillian and Maxthon and yet other software like MSN messenger, AVG and Zonealarm appear in both user accounts.

    How do I get the programs that I have installed to appear in both accounts?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Default Re: Win Xp Home user account problems

    As far as I have discovered so far in my use, this is a problem that should be fixed by the software developers.

    Some programs let you choose whether to install it just for you, or for all users. Most programs don't, though.

    What you might be able to do is share the 'Programs' folder on the Start Menu, but this will only share the shortcuts to the programs. Any settings, will not be shared.

    The next solution would be to share both the 'Programs' folder and the 'Application Data' folder. However, you might as well both use the same user account if you did that.

    I find it very annoying that doesn't install as a multi-user application (you're not alone!). Manually adding file types to every user is not fun...

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    Default Re: Win Xp Home user account problems

    Thanks agent,

    I too am surprised that Oppenoffice doesn't offer this option while installing.

    So far I have found the program to be excellent.

    Hopefully it might be added in future updates.


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    Default Re: Win Xp Home user account problems

    If several users are going to use OpenOffice, follow this method of installation:

    1. As Administrator in the command prompt, navigate to the install directory (e.g. on the CDROM).
    2. Type install -net (or is it setup -net). One of these will be in the directory. Install in Program Files.
    3. Logout of Administrator and login as normal user. In the GUI navigate to the installed files in Program Files. Click onto setup and install a copy for your normal login.

    Only a very small number of files are installed into the normal user's directory. Each user can have their own defaults of OO this way.

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    Default Re: Win Xp Home user account problems

    and another way
    install the program logoff and power down, powerup then login as the secound admin, copy all folders and hidden files from the user profile that installed the program to "All Users" user profile (c:\documents and settings\all users) all user are hidden system directories so you will need to unhide them.
    be warned though that doing this will force all users to have the same settings as the user you copied the profile from
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