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    Angry secure website trouble

    Hi y'all
    I've recently installed jetstream and since doing so am no longer able to access 'secure' websites; i.e. internet banking; cc transactions; fly buys etc. etc. Have checked and rechecked internet settings and telecom have also - can't find the reason why??? Anyone got any ideas?

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    Default Re: secure website trouble

    A friend too has just installed Jetstream – Xtra is the ISP and he cannot logon to any “secure” sites – i.e. BNZ, Air New Zealand etc. He has contacted the help desk at Xtra and they have checked all his settings – his IE is set to accept all cookies – any suggestions?
    Many thanks
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    Default Re: secure website trouble

    Have a look at this page there are a lot of links at the bottom of the page with various things to try.
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