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    Default AVG - Stops quickly

    I tried to run AVG a number of times tonight - but as soon as it has checked only about 106 files on the C Drive it disappears. I tried both asking it to check all hard drives and when that did not work then asked it to check the C Drive. Same result ?

    I run Windows ME (and have been having other problems - will reformat hard drive this week). My version of AVG is the new one = 7.0


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    Default Re: AVG - Stops quickly

    if your going to do a reformat this week, you might as well leave it for now. did you tick all the folders in c drive?

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    Default Re: AVG - Stops quickly

    what other problems?

    set it to scan all files.

    is avg fully updated?

    you may have one of the virus/malware that shuts down any program trying to access it.
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