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    Post BIOS boot driver order settings

    In my newly installed xp pro pc i cant go to bios boot driver order settings menu in my previous version of windows(ME) i had to press some random at the starting of the windows to go this menu this doesn't work in xp pro please help

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    Default Re: BIOS boot driver order settings

    So u have Windows ME and XP now on the hard drive?? Getting into the BIOS is different from selecting an operating system.

    Are you trying to get into the BIOS , or trying to select which operating system to load? Windows ME or Windows XP??

    I dont know if u mean u now have XP only, or u installed XP on the hard drive, when ME was previously installed. Or did u upgrade from ME to XP??

    If its the BIOS, u mean, its either F1, F2, F10, or the delete key. You press one of these as soon as the computer boots. Then change the boot order.

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