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    Default Win 2000 Advanced Server problem always getting low virtual memory message


    I have Win 2000 Adavanced Server operating system on my machine...i dont use my machine as a server...its just like a normal workstation..

    since last few days..i have been constantly getting this message....your system is low on virtual is increasing your paging memory....currently these are my VM settings...intial size 392.. max size total ram is 196mb.. can u pls help me??

    also ..after i log on and i have used my computer for a while....the harddrive keeps on reading and reading...its light keeps on glowing constantly..pls help me with this...


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    Default Re: Win 2000 Advanced Server problem always getting low virtual memory message

    Get more ram.

    Or it could be because u have the Advanced server version, it needs more ram to run things? It thinks you're running it as a server.

    The hdd would be going constantly as it's trying to use the hdd as virtual memory (if it senses, the system is running out of physical memory), it'll use some of your hdd to make up for it. And you'll hear the hdd making noises / grinding. And I would say it'll be going as slow as a snail, if u dont do anything about it.

    Either get more ram, or reinstall another operating system.

    (NOT XP).

    You may not have enough ram to run that either.

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