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    Unhappy Wireless Router No Longer Responds


    I have a DSE 802.11g access point (XH8175).

    The DSE 802.11g access point manual says "Enter Http:// to access the config screen"

    It worked 2 weeks ago. It doesn't work today. Accessing this IP address results in a failed lookup.

    A ping to this IP in CMD>DOS results in nothing.

    Also, my laptop with a DSE 802.11g wireless card, via Windows XP, no longer sees the Wireless name being broadcast. I need to access the router to figure out why.

    Any ideas how I can discover how to resolve accessing the AP?

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    Default Re: Wireless Router No Longer Responds

    is there a reset button?
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    Default Re: Wireless Router No Longer Responds

    I had recently a orinoco access point go not working.

    I tookit apat, and it seems like the wireless card (the accesspoint just uses a pcmia card !!!) had come loose.

    if your access point is still under warrenty, take it back.
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