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    Fixing a mate's PC and came across an odd problem. After reinstalling windows (no reformat), there were no video card drivers installed. Under device manager, there is no display adapter entry at all. I soon found out that Windows is using VgaSave as a video driver (by going through display properties) - which I have since found out is a fallback driver intended for use when no other video card driver works.

    My problem is this:

    I have the latest drivers for the card (which happens to be an integrated S3, on a relatively old socket A motherboard), but I cannot install them because there is no reference to any video card in device manager. I tried to forcefully add them through the new hardware wizard, but upon opening the driver files, no entries appeared :s .

    There appears to be no way of installing these drivers. They have been used and worked perfectly in the same system before (when I last installed Windows on it a while back), so I know that they are not at fault.

    As the video is onboard I wondered if it had been disabled in BIOS, but there appears to be no option to do so and I have tinkered and checked anything that remotely seems likely to enable / disable it. I have reinstalled Windows twice, and I don't dare format because of the load of crapola that I need to back up - which I don't have the time or patience for.

    Simply put, is the onboard video dead, or is Windows at fault?

    My searches on google have led me to many similar situations, all with either faulty hardware or the ability to install a video card driver through device manager.

    Didn't want to pass any messages on to the owner without being sure, thanks very much in advance (unless you ignore this thread, then I don't thank you).

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    Bloody hell, a second after posting the above I found the solution (although I have not tried it) - so, in light of not being able to delete messages, I decided to share my new found knowledge:

    During the reinstall Windows didn't find all the right Motherboard chipset driver components. Specifically, it asked for VIAAGP1.SYS (VIA chipset, you see) - which I had no idea where to find, so I cancelled. Apparently when Windows doesn't have all the chipset drivers it does this sort of thing, over on EE (here) they gave this link.

    Hope that helps someone else too

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