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    hi, i was recently playing half life 2 when my PC just turned off and wouldnt come back on. i thought it might be the power supply so i took my power supply from a much older PC i have and stuck it in my current PC, it worked and the computer came back on, but the power supply im using now from my old comp supplys less power than the one that i removed and i was wondering would this cause problems for my graphics and sound card, the computer says the sound card is there but there is no sound comming from them ive checked all connectings, however it says there is no graphics card and i tryed reinstalling drivers but had no luck still says theres no card.

    i also got a error when i first turned on my PC with the old power supply i installed asking me to locate a file from my sound card driver so i put in my sound card drivers but when i tryed to run it it says cant be used with ms-dos and somethin else i use windows XP professional and ive installed the drivers before. my PC was also restarting randomly it seems to have stopped now i dont no wht i did to stop it though ,i did system restore to before the first power supply stopped working to see if it would hlp it didnt. i went to PC world and i was told it might be my mother board but i wanted to make sure it wasnt my power supply before i brought a new mother board. o i also rebooted in safe mode to try and install the sound drivers but around the start i got tht blue screen of death thing and the PC restarted if anyone knows wht it might be plz tell

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    I am no expert in this type of problem but I think you may have been jumping the gun a bit in replacing the PSU. Your computer may have been shutting down due to overheating. Would it still not start a few hours later after cooling down?

    The experts are going to want a lot more info to be able offer advice with this one so it would pay to list what your computer's specs are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxyMX
    I am no expert in this type of problem but I think you may have been jumping the gun a bit in replacing the PSU. Your computer may have been shutting down due to overheating...
    Indeed. Sounds very much like the processor overheating... This will cause the random stops and starts and stuff, and the other symptoms may be byproducts of the processor running when it's temperature is borderline...
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    my PC specs are

    amd xp2000
    1024 ddr ram
    geforce ti4600
    80 gig hard disk
    i dont think it crashed due to overheatin because i tryed my power supply abt 2-3 hours after and it still didnt work but i will try again according to asus probe my cpu temp is around 57 degrees centigrate is tht to hot or normal i think ive got 3 fans on my comp but i will try my other power supply again, thank u for ur replys

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