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    I've a big problem, people. Hope someone would be able to give me a clue. My OS is Win XP Home.

    I downloaded eTrust ezArmour Antivirus from its website a couple of months ago as found out from Microsoft's website.

    It gave me a registration number. When I started to register, it began to tell me that it was a wrong number, when I had been virtually copying it and pasting it on to the box and clicking OK!

    Then it was history! I don't have it in the system as I deleted the original downloaded file from the C Drive.

    Now on the desktop has an icon that will pop up when the pC is truned on & will show:"unable to load licence key validation library".

    Also, I still have a folder in the Programme Files with name;CA. I honestly don't know what is that as I did not give that name. I tried several times to get rid of that folder. It never goes out but will bring up a message saying: "cannot delete ArcLib.dll. Access is denied."

    How do I go about fixing this problem? Couldsomeone tell me how?

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    go to run/start and type msconfig. Go to the startup tab. See if any entry there is pointing to the folder for that program. Untick it, then reboot.

    Or go to start/run and type regedit. Then go here

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run

    Find the entry for that program, highlight it delete it. Reboot.

    And also here

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Run

    Do the same thing and reboot.

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    The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes. They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them. - Orson Scott Card (1951- ),

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    Thanks Speedy & Johnboy. Great helpers! I wish you both a happy & prosperous New Year. God Bless you!


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