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    Question Comparing Exchange to mDaemon

    I would like to know how MS Exchange compares with mDaemon.

    Apart from the huge price difference, Does any one now how the features compare?

    Our business has about 150 users based in offices around the world, we currently use an old version of mDaemon. I'm trying to work out if I should upgrade mDaemon or fork out for MS Exchange.

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    Sorry, I havent used mDaemon but there is a version of exchange 2003 that you can download from the Microsoft site if you want to trial it before you fork out for it.
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    Default Re: Comparing Exchange to mDaemon

    In my opinion mDaemon is not good. Exchange is OK but maybe have a look at this software.
    I've only used it in small businesses but it very easy to use and is cheap!

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