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Thread: Odd PC behavior

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    Default Odd PC behavior

    First off let me state that I'm no computer wiz, I simply know basic knowledge on operating one but not much about hardware, which is why I am seeking some help.

    My PC spec's :
    -512 Mb of RAM
    -Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2000+
    -Radeon 9200 64Mb DDR
    -Asus A7V8X-X
    -Vulcano up to XP 3400+ INTELT PIII 1.13GHz

    Not the best for gaming I'm sure, but it got the job done.

    About two months ago this started while playing an online MMORPG game (I mostly use my PC for gaming)..The computer would inexplicably turn off almost as if in a sleep mode, it registered power yet wouldnt respond to manually attempting to shut power on/off or hitting restard, the moniter also seemed as power was off.While playing an MMORPG game its not a good idea to have you're PC shut off without notice and when it does this frequently it gets rather irratating, to the point I stopped playing.

    I finally got my tech guy (who built this thing, and I am having serious doubts about) to take it and fix it, he took two weeks.appearantly tried re-formating the drive a few times and it didnt work so, he baught new memory,motherboard and a new PC chip (after switching them in and out he decided it wasnt the motherboard and not the memory, he put in the additional memory and kept my old motherboard...I'm not sure if my old PC chip was still good or if I still have it or the new one) I guess he figured that should do it and just gave it back (with a nice bill).Well, problem now is that its still doing the same old thing only now, its restarting instead of shutting into a wierd powerless sleep mode type deal.

    I took it to this computer guy and he charged me 25$ to see what was wrong with it, claiming it was the motherboard which my tech guy says its not.

    Now I have no idea *** to do, I posted on some forums in November about this problem as it was at the time and got some varied responses ranging from a few suggesting it could be heat, to a few "It unfortunately could be a wide variety of things" which is not something I want to hear, but its appearant that it is.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpfull, it's been closing in on two months without being able to play and its really sucking.

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    Default Re: Odd PC behavior

    For a start the first guy didn't fix it, so either ask for hom to do so or give your money back less any standard fees he has in his trading terms/conditions for such things as diagnostic, etc. He may want to put your old parts back in though.

    If it was only acting up in one game I would suggest software, unless that game stressed the machine much more than other programmes as to trigger the [hardware] fault, eg, temp goes up more. Is that likely, do you have the same issues in other programmes or more demanding pogrammes than the game that don't trigger the fualt?

    Have you tried uninstalling the game to see if the fault disappears?

    What other app's are running at the time, anything that's likely to be scanning your system, scheduled backup/task or connecting to the net?

    Have you checked for adware/spyware, viruses, etc, with upto date tools?

    Does anyone else have access to the PC, are you on a network?

    Have the video card and PSU been swapped out with known good units?

    What is your PSU's brand and wattage rating?
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    Default Re: Odd PC behavior

    The Motherboard is certainly a possibilty,
    I have struck similar problems on a couple of occasions over the years that have in the end proven to be the Motherboard.

    The problem is they are almost impossible to pin down other than to rule out all the normal culprits (this appears to have been done in your case) so I would think the Motherboard would be the next logical suspect.


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    Default Re: Odd PC behavior

    The general feeling i get from your post is that your after an aswer rather then step by step troubleshooting advice.

    So.....It needs to be looked at and fixed by a compentent service man,However you should

    A.In the case of being told its the motherboard (everyone blames the motherboard) ask what method was used to come to this amazing conclusion.(for some reason many out there immediatly format the hd and if that doesnt work rip out the motherboard....)

    B.Tell the shop/tech whatever your not going to pay if the comp isn't fixed,Although that somewhat gives them the green light to do whatever it takes,and if you have more then one item that is faulty it can get pricy i supose.
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