Might suggest IE users need not apply, but if you're curious, hold down shift key and drag the IE picture in your address bar and drop it somewhere in your address bar and it should reload with the favicon.

Can someone elaborate more on the pressf1 favicon, I know it's a 32 x 32 pixel picture of an F1 button, it's not a good resized picture for the address bar, might be better creating a 32 x 32 and a 16 x 16 picture for it.

Reason I'm asking is if I view the picture directly, it's garbled text, well not really, I kind of have an understanding of the text it produces, but saving it, comes out correctly.

Could it be that this server doesn't have a mime-type for .ico files and is using text/plain on it, or has it been uploaded as ascii. Or is it some type of protection or is the icon not correctly an .ico file?

http://pressf1.co.nz/favicon.ico maybe I should test it in IE first before posting, no I should be fine...

It's only out of curiosity, as to how this file was created and why it displays like that if going to the direct link, currently I have my own site where I design favicons just as a hobby and was considering on writing a script to collect favicons, link to the original sites and display them, then I was going to rate them.

If people are interested, here's my starting site, with only a few favicons, will get more when I finish working on different scripts, also has a link to a tutorial I do too, so you too can create your own favicons for your own sites (Windows and Linux tutorials). http://mastercomputers.uni.cc/favicons/