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    Default CD-Rom problem recognising media

    When I attempt to burn a CD my system reports there is no media in CD-ROM drive, even when there is a blank CD-R in the carrier.

    I've tried two different CD-Roms, one older CDRW and one new CDRW/DVD. I've also tried two different media brands which have been successfully burned in the past. Still no joy.

    Both the old and new drives play music, read data CDs and write to re-writable media.

    Under XP what files or processes are involved in the CD burn process to establish if there is media in the carrier.

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    Default Re: CD-Rom problem recognising media

    1. does the media work in another burner, or it it recognised as a blank CD-R in a CD-ROM drive?

    2. Tried using 3rd party doftware?

    3. How old is the burner?

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