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    Default Thunderbird problem!

    Thunderbird works different to outlook and other email clients and my friends who uses yahoo and hotmail email and i belive this affect outlook express to have problems looking at my attachments.

    When I insert an attachment say a word file or a receipt.Thunderbird displays the image on the body of the message and not as a seperate file which is attached to an email like the other email clients.
    When my friends receive this they cannot see the image

    How do i change it so that the file which i want to send to my friends is just a seperate piece of document which can only be viewd by opening the file?

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    Default Re: Thunderbird problem!

    I am running thunderbird and don't seem to be having this problems- at least no one has complained, and they would have done by now.

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    Default Re: Thunderbird problem!

    Make sure you are attaching the file and not inserting it.

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    Default Re: Thunderbird problem!

    I can't see insert attachment.
    Ah found it.Thanks
    Didnt see that.I was using insert image all the time because I couldn't find attach!!

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